Hideez Client Setup
Hideez Client — Initial setup for Windows
Please note! The functionality of a password manager, password generator, and proximity lock is available only on Windows 10 or Windows 11 computers with the installed Hideez Client application.

Step 0: Remove isolating material from the Key's housing

Open Hideez Key's case and remove white plastic.

Step 1: Install and Launch the Hideez Client

Download the latest version of Hideez Client here.
Run the file and go through the installation steps. On the first screen, select the Standalone version and check the Use Windows 10 Bluetooth box.
If your PC does not have a built-in Bluetooth module or it does not work,
you should use the external Hideez USB Bluetooth adapter and select “Use
external Hideez Bluetooth dongle” option.
The installation will take about a minute, when it is finished, click the Launch button.

Step 2: Press the button on Hideez Key

You have to press button on Hideez Key to activate it.

Step 3: Pair with Windows 10

  1. 1.
    Select Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices. ​
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2. Click Add Bluetooth or other devices > Bluetooth on the Windows screen.
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3. Select your Hideez Key device (for example HK-00203). The last five digits coincide with the serial number printed on the device box.
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4. After the connection is established, the green LED lights up (blinks) on the selected device, inviting you to confirm the operation. You need to confirm pairing with a short button press. If you don’t confirm the operation within 15 seconds, there will be no pairing and the LED on the device will stop blinking.
5. Successful pairing is confirmed by the inscription «Your device is ready to go».
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6. In the Bluetooth & other devices section, a new HK4-00203 device appears.
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Step 4: Check indicators

Check the Bluetooth indicator at the bottom of the application window - it should be green.
Possible problems:
Bluetooth indicator is red - check if Bluetooth is enabled on the PC.

Step 5: Connect the Hideez Key

Hideez Key will connect automatically in 1-2 seconds.

Step 6: Request access to the password manager (click on the yellow padlock icon)

After you go through the pairing procedure, you will see a screen like this.
You will see the Vault Settings section, but the yellow padlock icon and red indicators show that the Hideez password manager has not been loaded yet.
You need to click on the lock icon.

Step 7: Create a Master Password for Hideez Key

You need to create and remember a master password for your Hideez Key. You can subsequently change the master password according to this instruction.
It is impossible to recover a forgotten master password! You can only clear all data from your Hideez Key.

Step 8: Access to the Password manager

See the instructions for creating and managing your accounts:

Step 6: Proximity authentication

Learn how to lock and unlock your PC with Proximity Settings.