Battery maintenance

Hideez Key – Battery maintenance
Hideez Key comes with a pre-installed battery.
In case your Key does not switch on, please, check if you removed the white plastic from the Key's housing.
Please, notice. The Hideez Key 3 and Hideez Key 4 has different types of battery.
Hideez Key 3 has a baterry CR2032 3V
Hideez Key 4 has a battery LIR2032 3.7 V (RECHARGEABLE)
We highly recommend using Hideez Key with the corresponding type of battery.

Hideez Key 3

The case is made of two halves latched together. To replace the battery, open the case and lift the gap between the halves with a fingernail or a plastic card. Do not use metal objects. Remove the old battery by pushing it from the inside using a narrow plastic object. Install the new CR2032 battery on the narrow side (minus contact) of the board. Hideez Key will start to work.
Opening the case.
Changing the battery.
Notice: if you don’t want to change the battery by yourself, you can contact any electronic service center which replaces watch batteries.
The estimated operation time of Hideez Key is up to 6 months, depending on usage and the quality of the battery.

Hideez Key 4

To recharge the battery you need to plug Micro-USB connector to the corresponding port located on the side of the fob. Wait until led indicator becomes green. Hideez Key 4 will be ready for work.