Pairing Hideez Key with Android devices
Hideez Key – Using with Android devices
A Password Manager functionality is available ONLY on Windows 10/11.
The Android operating system (version 7.0 and higher) allows the use of hardware security keys for passwordless login to accounts based on the FIDO U2F standard. Services that support passwordless login methods include Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox, and other online services.
The device can be connected to your Android devices via Bluetooth connection (Hideez Key 3) or via Bluetooth / NFC / micro-USB connection (Hideez Key 4).
Below is a demonstration of setting up a passwordless two-factor authentication (2FA) for Google account on Andoid devices:
Use a security key for 2-Step Verification - Android - Google Account Help
After the Hideez Key has been successfully paired with your computer, you can proceed to setting up a passwordless login to the desired accounts.
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